To the Department of Linguistics We invite everybody to explore the web pages of The new department

Though, Linguistics is not new for the world but it's new to most of the people at our country. As its newly developing discipline at Pakistan; we are proud to offer pure linguistic subjects like Syntax, Morphology, Semantics, Phonetics, Sociolinguistics, Psycholinguistics etc. Linguistics is popular in the country and this is reflected besides anything else in the fact that both students of languages and literature love to claim some sort of expertise and affiliation with linguistics. The Department of Linguistics offers courses in core theoretical areas of linguistics, in addition to areas which intersect with related disciplines (e.g. sociolinguistics, psycholinguistics). The core areas of research and teaching in the department are Theoretical Linguistics (phonetics, phonology, morphology, syntax, semantics), Linguistic analysis, Language planning, sociolinguistics, and Psycholinguistics etc. Broadly, speaking the department has adapted a functional approach to the language and linguistics theory. Currently, our research group in CLR (Centre of Linguistics Research) is working on a number of research projects on code switching and code mixing, interruption and overlap in conversation and self correction etc. We are interested in in-depth investigation of languages, with respect to typological, cross-linguistic & sociocultural factors that influences the Language and behaviour of people; we are seeking to practically evaluate the theories by providing the solid empirical data of many sorts; an interest in the relation between language and mind ( how we acquire, internalize and process the language, is language located in a specific area of brain or is it spread throughout in the brain, how the brain injury results in impairment of specific language faculty). Fortunately, QAU have enriched multi cultural community that provides us a diverse range of languages for study and makes the scope of active research and teaching broader than expected. We are also interested in the lexicography, documentation and scripting of a range of Pakistani languages that are still spoken languages and no scripting have been done orthographically to save them. The documentation of these languages is very important not just for saving the endangered languages and revitalization of languages but also to provide education and new avenues to the people who are monolingual and don't understand any other language except their own language that might be unknown for the rest of the world.