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Placed in the Social Sciences Block - II of Quaid-i-Azam University, this department is one of fewest if not the only one in the country for higher education (and research) on the subject Linguistics. Students are taught and guided to complete 60 credit hours in 20 courses (10 Core + 10 Optional) as standard criteria for Master's degree in Q. A. U. (see Courses page). In addition to primary courses mentioned above, a range of useful courses has been selected and defined with a focus to achieve international standards in modern linguistics. The department is also planning to introduce M. Phil and Ph. D level research programmes once these are approved through the process. The long awaited establishment of the Department of linguistics in QAU materialized with admission of the 1st batch of students to Master's degree programme in February 2011. The academic activities of the Department include lectures, discussions, assignments, presentations, projects, periodical seminars and research. The methods are perceived both to engender knowledge of the theories and concepts in linguistic and to enhance skills in application of this knowledge on the largest language resource of the region. A qualified linguist will be a best social scientist capable of serving as investigator, programmer, policy maker and teacher of Linguistics / English / any language in which he is proficient.

Introduction to Linguistics

Language being one of the most common features of human development, the subject LINGUISTICS remains as popular as less understood branch of knowledge. Linguistics is scientific study of language as a system. Yet no language is taught as part of linguistics. Linguistics is name of skills once acquired can be applied on any language of the world. Modern linguistics has replaced grammar and is much more technical than the old grammar. In its original form, the discipline of Linguistics stands independent from its extensions like 'English (and) linguistics' and 'Psycholinguistics' etc. Against its subsidiary subjects, it is identified with adjectives like Basic, General, Real or Theoretical (linguistics). For sake of understanding, the subjects of linguistics can be divided into Primary and Secondary. Traditionally, the primary subjects of linguistics include Phonetics, Phonology, Syntax and Semantics. Acquisition of primary subjects

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